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Diego Valeri
1996, cm.70 x 100
pastel on wrapping paper

2012, cm.30 x 40
oil on canvas

1988, cm.25 x 35
pastel on fabriano white and smooth paper

2012, cm.30 x 40
watercolor on paper

1994, cm.45 x 60
digital drawing on canvas

Stefano scultore
1995, cm.35 x 50
sinopia on paper

1997, cm.35 x 50
pastel on paper

Gentiluomo veneto
1995, cm.35 x 50
watercolor on paper

1991, cm.30 x 40
oil on linen card

Roland come Ulisse
1964, cm.37x49,5
tempera and graphite on paper

2006, cm.30 x 40
sinopia on paper

1999, cm.60 x 80
oil on canvas

Fratello e sorella
2002, cm.50 x 35
pastel on paper

Elena e Giulia
2004, cm.65 x 50
sinopia on paper

2001, cm.30 x 40
watercolor on paper

Signora con nipotina
2003, cm.60 x 50
oil on canvas

G. VILLANI: from the above mentioned personal catalogue: Let us not forget that Duso's artistic experiences are also expressed on other materials such as: silk painted in a very personal way or portraits painted with particular feeling. In some of them, such as those executed for the sculptor Stefano Baschierato, her ability with the sign and the attentive psychological research of the character are clearly visible.