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Roland con testa di Medusa
1964, cm.100 x 75
light tempera on paper

Natura morta col cestino
1965, cm.60 x 50
light tempera on paper

Nudo seduto con violino
1967, cm.90 x 60
light tempera on paper

Timor panico
1975, cm.70 x 45
light tempera on paper

Elettra sogna Oreste
1980, cm.60 x 80
oil on canvas

Scena marina n1
1981, cm.80 x 60
oil on canvas

I duellanti nel sotterraneo
1986, cm.70 x 50
watercolor on cardbord

Allegoria con scimmia
1982, cm.70 x 50
oil on canvas

Tre schizzi di dormiente
1992, cm.50 x 35
black pastel on grey paper

Arqu Petrarca in primavera
1997, cm.50 x 35
watercolor on paper

Lago d'Idro
1997, cm.70 x 50
oil on canvas

Padova: l'Orto botanico
1998, cm. 35 x 50
pastel on pinstripe board

Pere cotogne a specchio e divanetto impero
1999, cm.40 x 50
oil on canvas

Famiglia euganea
1996, cm. 70 x 60
oil on canvas

Sera d'estate
1998, cm.60 x 50
acrylic on canvas

Giardino d'amore
1999, cm. 70 x 60
oil on canvas

PIER LUIGI FANTELLI: from her personal catalogue: .Through the visual ability of the person who watches her works F. Duso provokes, forces, induces, urges a comparison with her language made of shapes and signs, abolishing the excuse of verisimilitude and imitation, leaving the spectator alone with his own thoughts and taking him towards a mental journey she herself has already made and which she wants now to share with him: in other words she again wants to offer the linguistic and communicative continuity that makes the artist's true coherence.